FSX Look-At constraints

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How to delete?

Animating the Oleo Struts has been frustrating to say the least.
I created two spheres to use as Look-At points for the animation of the scissor action as the Oleo tube slides. After messing around I'm finding that this method will not work. Well, maybe it will, but my knowledge of using constraints is very limited right now. I've a lot to learn in the "use of" category before I understand how to use them properly.

Currently the constraints are not doing as I thought they would for me. So I need to delete them. I tried un-linking the scissor from the constraint, this doesn't seem to work. I tried deleting the sphere, and this does not work either. The sphere does disappear, but the constraint is still there. Ive looked through all the settings for a detach, unlink, delete option but I'm not finding that option. I watched several videos and even searched here for an answer. Nothing.

Can anyone tell me how to remove them, or is this a similar scenario as Reset xForm when you have to start over because everything blasted into pieces because they were still linked?

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