Looking for 3d modeller to design vehicles


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Can you place scenery? Here's a very simple ground power truck, I took a generic Ford F650 chassis, added a box and mapped your image onto it. Since I couldn't find any images of the working side of the GPU, I put your image on both sides and corrected the reversed text.


Hi, Thank you. Can you make it detailed and also can you paint it instead because the image does not look soo good. It would be nice to have it painted.


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I want to hire someone to do it but I am not able to find sufficient photos.
So..is this part of the negotiation; or perhaps you will hire someone as soon as they have demonstrated they can provide exactly the item you require by providing exactly the item you require, as demonstration; or perhaps our respective cultures assign different meanings for the word "hire..?"

As to my part, I am confident that I have demonstrated sufficient proficiency for the scope of your need. For due compensation at whatever level we establish, I will change the vehicle chassis from Ford to Chevy.
In anticipation of a working relationship, I need to have clear understanding. I am not able to "paint" an FSX model. Painting is the act of applying pigment to the surface of a solid object. If you are using paint in some sort of slang derivative, my understanding is that painting is the process of texturing a model, as in creating a re-paint livery.

There are two ways to define and present color in FSX. One is by coloring a specific polygon. Using color requires that each instance of that color is on a specific polygon. If you want a star on the side of your truck, you must first draw the star's border in a 3D program, then color the area within. Such technique allows for very crisp details at any viewing distance, however it is very tedious and bulky and if performed to the level where true definition emerges, is very demanding on computer graphics resources. Each color must be rendered in a separate step, a draw call and a few prettily colored models will make your frame rates crawl. The other way to define color, "photographic textures" address this issue handily, because each texture image is a single draw call and it doesn't matter how much color or detail is contained.
For your ground power vehicle, I see approximately 20 draw calls, if it were colored (I've already converted the colors to texture). You can see how one clear photograph of the truck would probably be sufficient to color the whole thing, one draw call. There are provisions to make a single image cover all sides uniquely, for our purposes is would be sufficient to have a second or even third image, we are not trying to maximize efficiency for high volume commercial scenery. Photographic textures are usually blurry at some level. Good designers can keep the details clear down to about the level of rivets or panel seams, however, overall detail is constrained to the quality of the image.

If you do decide to negotiate, please do so in pm as I don't want our contemporaries to see how ridiculously modest I am in terms of value.