Looking for Testers for Automated Synthetic ILS Project

I have modified Karol Chlebowski Synthetic ILS (AILA) gauge with his permission to include automated ILS, Approach, Landing, and Takeoff capabilities. I developed it on P3DV4 but it works fine for me on both P3D and FSXA. One individual who was testing for me has issues with the automated ILS on FSX that I cannot reproduce.

Before I release it as freeware would like to find out if others have the same problem on FSX or other platforms and if there may be other issues that I need to resolve before release. I would appreciate any help.

Can't wait to see how your project turns out … I use the tool now in a couple of my planes .. if you need me to test I volunteer as tribute
Thanks so much for volunteering. Karol's gauges are fabulous to say the least. Will bundle a package with the modified xml file and some instructions for you. It should be very easy for you since you are using it already.

Madhouse and Edi

I have attached files necessary to test my modifications to Karol's Synthetic ILS. If you already have Karol's version installed you will need to copy my test1_DAT37.xml file to your existing ILS_MFD folder and modify the panel.cfg file with the new name. Otherwise follow the Readme Installation Instructions.

If others want to participate in the testing then go for it. The more the merrier. Please let me know of your results or any issues found.




thanks for the upload!
I was just interested to see how you did the ILS glidepath and LOC. But i am using (A:HSI CDI NEEDLE,number) and (A:HSI GSI NEEDLE,number).
So different solutions.
But you are really "Synthetic".

by accident

line 1369

   0.8 5.0 (L:DistanceRwyPos,nmiles) (L:DiffGSangle,degrees) 0.9 > and        ..... rng is missing

line 1386

   if{ (L:DescentSpeed, enum) 1500 + (@SetSpdVarEng) }-->     ...... --> too much
Hi Edi,

Thanks for finding my omission of rng. You are probably correct that 1500 + is excessive.

Would be interested in seeing your solution.

I appreciate your input very much.

i don't mean "1500" what is also too much.
There i s an extra "-->" at the end of the line. Doesn't hurt, but to make it proper;)

Btw Glen Copeland did a SALS "Satellite Assisted Landing System" years ago. I don't use it, but nevertheless interesting to see how other do it.
But no autopilot support.

Tomorrow i will post an excerpt.



Guess I misunderstood about the 1500. I removed the -->. I probably had the area commented out at one time and forgot to delete.

Funny you mentioned the SAL. That's where I did my first automatic glideslope and glidepath project. When I could never reach Glen for permission to publish it was about the time Karol released his Synthetic ILS. I applied the same methodology to it that I used in the SAL.


Very Interesting. A much more elegant solution than mine and most likely more accurate. I would have never thought of attacking it that way.