FS2004 Looking for the Maxflight AI Cessna Citation Mustang

Hello Everybody,

Since I love the Cessna Citations, I would've painting some of them.

Maxflight ceised their Website and I encountered a Hard Disk Crash lately where I lost everything of FSdevelopment Programms and even Planes and Sceneries.

So I lost the Models of the AI Cessna Citation Mustang for FS2004. Online, I can only find some texture packages, but in those files the Models are not included.

My question is now:
Does anyone have the Models for the Cessna Citation Mustang AI for FS2004?

The file where the models should be included, is: AI_Cessna_Mustang_v2.zip
Does anyone of you have this file and can send it to me please?
That would be awesome!

Thanks a lot in advance!


Resource contributor
That also won't work. Try an more consumer or AI related forum like Alpha India or MAIW or any of the big flight sim forums that you have an account for.