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FS2004 Looping Sounds Briefly Pause When Opening a Panel with Doug Dawson's Sound Gauge

Hi all,

Exactly as the title says, I am using Doug Dawson's sound gauge to play custom sounds in my 747. Every time I open up a different 2D panel window (does not matter which), there is a slight pause in sound that is looping before it plays normally again. This is not a huge issue but is annoying and I would like to know if there is a way to rectify this.

Right now the only sounds I have that loop are the takeoff warning horn and the sound of the trim wheel tickers. Both of these sounds will pause for maybe a 1/10th or so of a second when a new panel window is opened. Both sounds are triggered by their own gauge which contains any aural warnings that need to play regardless of whether that panel has been loaded yet or not. The aural warning gauge is loaded with the main 2D panel of the aircraft under the Window00 section of my panel cfg.

I'm sure this issue will be especially annoying when I employ sounds such as the air conditioning packs or electrics running...

Startet the "old" Fs9. It's the same!

In P3DV5 it works proper!

Maybe it was already discuss here in forum. Long time ago! Can't remember.
So search the forum.
Thanks for your reply.

I am not using P3Dv5 or anything other than FS9 and currently I have no intention of changing that any time soon.

I have searched the forum with numerous keywords and haven't yet come across the same issue, but there is the chance I have missed the "right" thread.