Loss of aircraft textures (C172)

Hi all. New to forums although have read many. Have had no problems with fs2004 but FSX is defeating me. I am losing the textures on my Cessna 172, the red and gold is totally missing, while the others only show at the highest detail levels (aircraft and Global Textures) I have looked at file fsx.cfg and cannot see any obvious parameters. Other aircraft seem to be OK although again blurred at lower quality settings. Screenshots attached shot cessna and an Orbit texture displaying at the same internal settings.

I have applied the FPS fixes on autogen etc.

Incidentally 'out of the box' the aircraft textures were blurred.

Kit AMD 3800+ 2 core overclocked @ 2.5GHz, 2Gb DDR2 @667 MHz, 256Mb NVIDIA 6800 XT Video card.

Any thoughts as to where I should look?
Thanks in anticipation.


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I see the same problem at the Cessna here. But when I look at the texture of the red/gold livery it seems quite white in there as well. So I think it is more a problem of the texture itself and not of loading it.
yes but...

Thanks for following this up. It also happens to the other 172's now the screen shot was of a theoretically more coloured version. I first noticed on the red and gold one, the others had shown up before, but now they have vanished.:mad:

I am looking to do a second re-installation to ensure that all settings are OK, or at least 'normal'

So it is a bug somewhere...


Thanks for that last post and the blog link.
It has re-assured me that I was not going mad or had done something silly somewhere.
Incidentally they have returned, (excepting the blank one of course)although what I did to achieve this is a mystery, I was just playing with settings when, one by one the live textures re-appeared, although not together some were blank until re-visited later, and after this the 'rotating image' in the details customisation area textured OK

All Aircraft settings are maxed out to get some decent level of quality, and using 1280x1024x32. I had wondered if 16 bit resolution was an issue, did not seem to be but quality seemed worse. On switching between 16 and 32 the miracle happened.

Thanks for your time. I will await patch 10.1:D

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Further investigation (ongoing)

Since reading the blog provised by 'ghostrider' I have tried a few experiments. I renamed the texture folder to texture.5 and pointed the aircraft.cfg section to this. White was still white as expected. I then opened another variant and except for the windows and tail number it was invisible. New variant - stealth C172. Looking at the texture.cfg file it seems that the default texture folder is referenced in the other variants, perhaps a layering problem somewhere?

Work around - I copied "texture.5" back as "texture" but left the aircraft.cfg pointing to .5. I traversed the variants from blue/white to white, all showed up OK, then reversed the sequence - all textures now show regardless of selection of the white (formerly red/gold).

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