FSX:SE Loss of fsiucp connection

After several years of no trouble connection between ADE and FSX-SE, this morning contact was lost, Fsiucp disappeared from FSX-SE and I cannot reload it....keep getting a SimConnect error! I have tried everything I can think of without success! I fear my option is to reinstall FSX-SE which I would rather not do. If anyone has any suggestions, I would be great full as it is difficult to impossible to do scenery creation without the two programs talking to each other.
Not sure what FSUIPC and SimConnect have to do with each other. However, I do know that FSX:SE does not install any of the legacy SimConnect versions and that may be the source of your problem. It sounds to me like you're missing the correct version of SimConnect.
Thanks for the reply. Missing the correct version of SimConnect is the answer the Fsuic error log gives me. I think I know of a place to look for a copy.