Lost the Ability to Add a Location in Free Version of Sketchup

I am bummed. I use Sketchup for all my FlightSim modeling endevours. As of May 22, 2017 Sketchup free versions have lost the ability to Add a Location which is key for me to get the proper base and orientation of the model I am creating. This was important so I could use the Wizard in MCX to place the model in FSX or FS2004.

I have established a work around that is definitely more time consuming. I have to measure the image of the building in Google Earth, all the corners and outlines and whatnot of whatever I am modeling, then slowly pencil the "base" into Sketchup. Time consuming. MCX is fine, no real changes in the process except I can no longer use the wizard without correcting the model's orientation...I have always struggled rotating a model to the correct heading and the Add a Location base did that for me. The i compile from MCX into a .bgl in Static Objects Library and add the bgl to the Library Object Manager in ADE9X and place the model by "add a Library Object.

Something that would have taken me an hour this morning took 3-1/2 hours to get it right in FSX.

Of course if you buy Sketchup Pro you will soon have the Add a Location ability...$49.00 a year for the Student version or $695.00 for the real deal. Sorry, too steep for me.


I also really don't like this change. Apart from the fact that you'll have to buy premium now, you also need to use satellite footage which is sometimes really bad, compared to Google Earth.
I've got the premium version, so no complaints about that, but it is indeed really weird that they've suddenly removed it from the free versions. You don't make fans with that.

Hope they're going to get a fix out for it soon...