Lowering Aileron Effect / Performance at slower speeds?

I mentioned aerobatics because you can use 1538 only effectively at or beyond stall AoA, hence it's IMO not useful during normal ops.
This is an incorrect statement. Cl_r is very much a part of normal flight. 1538 allows you to scale Cl_r based on AoA. A good example of this is any aircraft with dihedral. The effect of dihedral will change based on AoA. In conjunction with 1537, as the AoA and roll increase, the high wing becomes a deflected rudder near the CoL.
Sorry to hijack a thread! but a slightly relevant question in reverse

I am building a 777ER airfile. From my sim experience I recorded how twitchy the aircraft was in roll, I was overcontrolling it to start off with and I add that I am a GA PPL flyer!

My base 777 airfile is extremeley benign in roll, it takes a good turn of the yoke to get the aircraft turning

I have played with 342 and couldnt get the results I wanted, I altered the angle of defelction from 30up to 60 (aircraft.cfg) which improved but found the best way was to double the scalar "aileron effectiveness" which gave me a much better feel. I dont like using these scalars and would much rather understand what value this multiplier is altering?

does anyone know?

thanks Keith
Yes, that's a common misconception that 'heavies' need to feel 'heavy', but large hydraulic powered flight controls can be very capable :)
As you found out, 342 isn't the correct one. With this table you usually tune the joystick / flight control response curve.
What you are looking for is in section 1101, Cl_da Roll Moment Aileron and Cl_p Roll Moment Roll Rate Damping. (the scalar is for Cl_da)