LWM polys in G2K4

VTP polys in G2K4

I downloaded Ground2K4 (version 5.3.02) and am having a hard time understanding it. No real tutorial included, and the readme leaves something to be desired :tapedshut .

All I really want to do with this is to create the LWM polygons that are used around an airport to exclude the autogen.

Do I need to create a bmp of the area first? After that, then what?

Is there an easy to undersand tutorial on how to do this? I've seen Luis' tutorial for Ground2K, but does it still apply to 2K4?

Sorry to sound like such a noobie, but every time I get out of my comfort area, I get nervous :mischievo
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Hi Todd,

I would advice you to have a look at the tutorial of Luis indeed. I think he released an updated version for Ground2k4 not that long ago. But also the old version for Ground2k should help you understand the interface.

I assume you mean VTP polygon where you wrote LWM (these are the polygons used in the default scenery as well, while LWM is water in general :)).

I think you indeed need a background image first, but a real Ground2k4 user can probably tell you better. I prefer SBuilder as I like the interface more and you can also use it without a background image (easier for small project, just use the connection with FS and slew around).
SUCCESS!!!!! I took Arno's advise and purchased the registered version of SBuilder and found it so much easier to use to create the VTP polys.

One question, though, I noticed in the setup that FSUIPC is required so that the coordinates in FS will flow through to SBuilder, but this does not seem to be working for me. Does the FSUIPC need to be registered?
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Thanks Jeff,
Very quick response indeed - good customer service on his part.

BTW - I just had to turn the 'show aircraft' on under the "View" menu.
Feeling silly now.... like my wife tries to tell me all the time "read the directions!" :duck: :rolleyes:
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