FSXA M Graham Clark Downtown Airport (KPLK)

Thanks Marc. I'm glad I chose a small airport for my first scenery. It's a lot of work :yikes:, but it's also good fun. I'm determined to get this finished.
Nice work - is that the one the airliner "accidentally" landed at ???
Yes that's the one, Southwest 4013 landed at KPLK instead of KBBG. Good thing they stopped before the end of the runway -- there's a sharp drop-off as you can see in the screenie above.
Looks good :)
My opinion is to make the markings to around 80% of transparency, they should look much better.
With 100% transparency, they looks they float.
I added some FSX material over the ground poly.

This one's subtle but shows a bit of specular on the taxi and apron surface:

Here's how it looks when raining. I added some bump mapping which nicely tones down the reflections, otherwise the surface looks too much like a mirror: