FSX Mag Var effect

I have been updating many airports for some time using ADE, in the course of which I correct the Mag Var from the Charts. As my flight sim club uses Euroscope for controllers this correction (Mag Var) is used for the target airport. My question is, what effect, if any, does this Mag Var have in the Flight Sim (FSX or P3D).


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None as I recall but someone will be able to give a definitive answer


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None that I know of. In my experience all magvars are taken from the magdec.bgl file.
I'm pretty sure that FS's interpretation of magnetic variation is baked in from around 2003. I don't think it's dynamic at all. In real life, it's been moving quite quickly in recent years. When I started flying in the early 70s, variation in UK was around 8W. It's now near 0.