FS2004 Makemdl Partnames

I've run out of options for animated part names according to the chart in the MakeMdl.SDK. There are parts on my model which don't have a name ( can't be animated?) according to the chart

I read I can create some xml coding in order to animate parts not listed on this chart. Can anyone elaborate or point me to a thorough list of potential workable name tags for animated parts from previous versions of MSFlightSim?


Not sure I understand your question :)
Are you saying you cant find a default animation to suit your needs? if so then you will have to add a custom xml animation to suit.
Over here is a repository of custom xml code which should cover most needs
you will have to back through to some later posts as a lot of the newer ones are for FSX
Thanks Wozza, that's exactly the kind of thing I was looking for.
BTW, I'm the guy who did those sounds for your P-51D. Thanks for that great model.

Doug Smith
Hey Doug,

You can also do 'custom' Animations, for things like systems that FS cannot work, dummy switches, etc. You can also put in your own 'mouse over' message, etc. Once you get used to making your own XML codes (I call them XML animation code blocks as they are usually a block of strings), then you can see that you can mix and match bits to create new animations for other things.

Here is a 'L;Var' which is a non FS based 'created' Animation;

<code>(L:CABIN VENT FLAP LEVER, bool) 100 *</code>
<tooltip_text>CABIN AIR VENTILATION</tooltip_text>
This will work a switch, as well as cause another component to animate also, but at the same speed as the switch. So this could be reworded to be a dive break, a special antennae raise code, a folding wing, a dummy switch, a map table that slides out, etc, etc.

Note that the verbage has to be exact, not one comma or space out of place or the ENTIRE XML parts sheet of animations will NOT work and you will have to diagnose which code block is malfunctioning. (Well in FS2004 XML parts code sheets, the top down to the 'faulty' code block will work, till the faulty one, then there on down the sheet will be 'off' ).

A small note; the verbage in brackets on 'new' code strings (new) must not match any in the entire code sheet. Thus, be as imaginative as possible in jumbling yours to be as 'custom' sounding as possible. Otherwise, it will cause another animation to 'occur' triggered by the dual animation name, or it will not work at all.

(L:CABIN VENT FLAP LEVER, bool) I have written it all in capitals. Some people put underspaces, perhaps a company name, like LHC_CABIN_vent_RH, mixing up the Capitals with small letters, etc, so there is no way it will match my own other cabin vents, etc.

NOTE2: Above where I state L:Var is non FS related, meaning that you have created a 'custom' animation. L is custom. K is keyboard based animations, and A is 'airframe' based animations, like system triggers (at 100C, move this to here, or if under 100C, then move that back over by the sofa). ;)

NOTE3: One space, one mis-spelling, one 'tittal' off, and your code will not function.... Really grim for people that do not have perfect spelling, (like me). :S

NOTE4: Also... Usually we place our code blocks that are 'new' at the top of the Parts list so that we see immediately if the code works in FS. If 'nothing' works (animation wise) then you know you need to go back right away and find the issue with the code block you just created. This keeps you from making 10 or 20 codes and 'then' find out later down the road that one was botched, (if the code were written down at the bottom and you forgot to check it after you compiled a model).

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