MakeMDL screen not fully opening.

Has anyone ever had this problem:
I recently installed MakeMDL on my newer computer (WinXP_SP3 –FS2004). When I open MakeMDL the control screen is not opening fully to the right and to the bottom. It cuts off several of the check boxes at the bottom of the option screen. Other than that MakeMDL seems to be working. I have messed with the .cfg file but no help.
Thanks for any help.


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Could it be you have increased the font size in windows? Sometimes that gives issues in applications.
Thank you very much for your suggestion. I double checked and they are set to normal size 96.
I have tried both versions of MakeMDL (ver8 - ver9) both have the same problem.
My MakeMDL workaround:
The last couple of items that have check boxes, at the bottom, are uncheckable. The one that I use the most is Night Map on/off. So it is in and out of MakeMDL config file to turn it on and off before compiling.