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I would like to see that MakeMDL has more options.

It would be very useful if MakeMDL supported the things that we now have to do by tweaking the source code. What comes to my mind now is:

  • Add display conditions to parts (time of days, season etc)
  • Seasonal textures supported
  • Rotate to user and rotate to wind supported
  • It would be very nice if CAT like animation triggers would be supported by default

If all that is supported by MakeMDL I might even be able to live with the hidden options screen, as we don't need to ASM source files then :D.
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That is a nice one, Arno.
Maybe MS could make just one design program and a convertor. Now, I need to run about 10 different programmes for my whole scenery. It would be much easier when I can make all things in one program and then export it with another program or a good exporter. That will make life much easier. For example GMax and makemdl. In makemdl you have to give the coördinates of the place, give certain conditions for animations etc. etc.


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I would like to See the 1024 Frame limit removed. There is no reason for it :)

The attachtool was the best thing in the latest gmax gamepack. I know that MS even got it late in the development. I would like to see effects parameters effected by the model as an option.

In other words, if I hide the model at a certain time of year, I would like that to also hide the attached effect.

One last one, Effects currently are not rotateable. Please change that.