Making a hard surface

Hello everyone!

This is my first post here, but long time reader. I have searched the forum but i am unable to find what im looking for.

the tutorials i have been following doesnt work for me.

I am making a water ramp / lift useing FSDS :-

More info :

Im having trouble getting the ramp to be a hard surface :

Can anyone piont me to a tutorial, or piont me in the right direction as im a little lost.

Thank you
You have to work with an attach object. Here what I done :

1. I build a first platform.
2. I copy and paste the platform to make a second platform.
3. I rename the second platform.
4. I make the second platform children of the first patform.
5. I just keep the surface of the second platform (I delete all polygons except those where the aircraft have to land).
6. In the ParDateDef.txt file (located in FSDS root folder), I add this line :

helizone <?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1" ?> <FSMakeMdlData version="9.0"> <Platform name="helizone" surfaceType="CONCRETE" > </Platform> </FSMakeMdlData>

"helizone" is the name of my second platform. Note that between "helizone" and "<?xml..." there is ONE SPACE THEN ONE TAB.

EDIT. I never test an inclinated polygon as helizone.
:) Wow Jean-Pierre that was a super fast response!

Thank you for the XML code. I was missing step 4, 6.

It worked! Also on poly with incline..

Thank you!
Now that i have the ramp complete, im moving onto the lifting ramp. I have tryed to do it in the same way as above, but i either get an error when compiling about the animation guild digits (?), or the surface doesnt become hard.

I made the lifting ramp shape, animated it, added hard surface.

Do i need to do that in a diffrent order? IE make the lifting ramp shape, add hard surface, then animate?

i got it useing the above method, i was forgetting to name the second copied part correctly.

Now im going to see how i can trigger the animation, when i want it rather than on its own.
There is no app to do animation in FSX. For this purpose I have to use CAT (Conditional Animation Tool) and compile with MakeMDL instead of XtoMDL. It is compatible FS9 end FSX but P3D. You can add a distance or NAV1 frequency trigger.

SODE is compatatible FSX and P3D but I never use it.
Thanks for the reply Jean-Pierre

Am i right thinking that the animations need to be tick18 so CAT can use them? (the tutorial i am useing shows this, but i do not have 'Scenery key frame animation' as an option in the drop down menu in FSDS. Could this be because i dont have fs9 installed?

Ultimatly, the NAV1 trigger is what im trying to acheive.