Making an animated hangar for fsx

I did make an animated hangar in the past for FS9! Now i want to do the same thing for fsx. I have made the hangar with animation in fsds 3.5.1. I used the Tick18 animation to animate the doors, so I used the makemdl tool to make a mdl file. Question: Can I use the CAT tool and use the resulting model in fsx? Another question: when I try to import the asm file in CAT I get: runtime error 53 file not found! How do I solve this error?

Any help is very much appreciated!

Thanks Tom. At least one question is answered. I know other people had the same problem, but I couldn't figure out how they solved it, at least I didn't understand it.

Has anyone succesfully created a hangar for FSX with FSDS and CAT and got it working? I get an animation that that goes on and on, or no animation at all. The trigger won't work.

I didn't use FSDS, but I did create a hangar with doors that open when you approach them for my FS2004 KLGA 1959 scenery, and the opening doors work in FSX just as in FS2004.

I named the door tick18_DOOR3 and animated it from keyframe 0 to keyframe 100. Then exported it as an FS2004 Scenery MDL file, using the FS2004 SDK.

Are you getting .ASM and _0.ASM files created when you compile the file from FSDS? If not, you can't use CAT.

I then used CAT with the Bounding Box choice. I pretty much used the same values as in the PDF manual, as I remember.

Perhaps you could show a screen shot of your CAT screen with the numbers and data entered, so we can see if they are correct?
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Tom, when I use this with comparable figures the animation goes on endlessly. I want it just to open once and close when I'm further away. Btw I'm using version v1.2.12 of CAT, so my screen is a bit different. And yes, I found the .ASM files and I'm able to compile these! :) I put the mdl with other mdl's in a library created with library creator. I'll try your settings and make a screenie.

Thanks for the help Tom! Greatly appreciated

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How are you placing the object? You cannot use MCX to place it or the tweaks are lost.

Are you sure you are generating an FS2004 format BGL file (and asm files)? It cannot be any other format.

Are you saving to the .asm file and not to the _0.asm file?

Are you getting asm files with cat added to the name?

Are you getting an MDL file with cat in the name? Are you compiling that file into a library and not the original?

If you like, you can post the ASM files (zipped) here and I can take a look?

Never mind. It had been years since I used CAT to create that hangar. When I now try to animate the hangar with my saved settings the doors just sit there - no animation. Apparently something like a Windows Update (or using System 7 instead of XP) has caused me to lose the capability of tweaking these files, using my old 1.01 or your 1.2.11. Perhaps the same thing is happening to you. Sorry.
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