Making an island

CaptainKeith said:
What is the best tool and/or method to create a small area of land being slightly raised where there is now water?

I am sure that others more knowledgeable on the topic can supply a better answer. I just completed a project exactly like that. I first had to create land where there was no land. I got Scott Gridley to help me out there using Slartibartfast and my gray scale image showing water vs. land. He generated the land areas for me. I then created a bitmapped image for the entire LOD13 that my island fell within. Using R=0, G=elevation, and B=0 I created an image with the green values being the elevations I needed. In Sbuilder I used that image to generate an elevation mesh. After that, in Sbuilder I placed landclass texture, roads, and objects. The mesh took a bit of tweaking by going back and forth between Photoshop, Sbuilder, and the sim. I wanted cliffs on the east side of my island so I had to do it that way. There is a discussion with some images and more references on