Making mesh with Sbuilder

Alright, i cant get VTP photo scenery to work just yet, so i want to try making mesh to make high-resolution photo scenery. Ive read up on making mesh and i converted the HGT file to BMP, but the BMP is all blue, black, and yellow :confused: ! i looked through the readme and i can only find one spot which says how to tweak a BSQ to work better, but the issue is still there. Ive tried looking at other (far away) mountain ranges and the bmps then look similar to that in the readme, but this bmp of the area im working on is about 70% blue, and it doesnt look like the area im working on. If these mesh maps are required, can somebody tell me how i can make a successful (mesh)map (or VTP or high-resolution photo) or tell me where i can find a tutorial, because im stuck on all this :banghead: :banghead: ! thanx in advance!