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Making Photoreal Ground, in a not box format


it's possible, to make, little photoreal, cells, with FSET (or another program), with a non box, format?
with TMFViewer, i see that ORBX, make cells, without the box format, this is practical, because, the transparent "blendmask" not allow AGN show it, i would like to make very tinny, photoreal cells

(for example, for a little part in a city, or to follow a river), but, if i use, "traditiontal", FSEarthTiles,
box, i can do, with mouse, are often, very bigs.

I must use "ground polygon" method, for this kind of thing (but ground polygon, not support watermask, and autogen), and will be in part, very far aways from airports.



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If you use a blend mask you can use any shape you want. I'm not familiar enough with FSET to know if it can make a blend mask for you.
Hi, Arno, thanks to answer

I know how to make blendmask layer, with GIMP, and resample, not problem with that, but

with a layer in blendmask, i can make transparent a part of the photoreal box, but, all the part, made it transparent with the blendmask, it's not a true "not photoreal" ground, because, the AGN not want to show on it.

I would like to know, it another method exist, to do that,

And also, the size, is really bigger, than high resolution ground polygons right?

i am asking, how i can do that.

Thanks in advance


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Not sure I understand your remark about the autogen. It is normal that autogen does not show on parts where you used a blend mask to hide the photo scenery. In those parts you'll get the default scenery instead (with its autogen). So that's how it is supposed to be.

I would prefer using resample to ground polygons, since the latter only work well on flat areas. For airports that's OK, but for a city or so it's much easier to use resample photo scenery BGL files. And the performance is also better in general.
In fact, i realize, that when i use a photoreal ground cell, and i make transparent some part, to make the default scenery shows up, it's show, but without its autogen. I will recheck, maybe i forgot an exclude, but i saw that.

Thanks, for the recommendation, i will try to make a little photoreal ground and put a big transparent layer blendmask, to see if the default agn show ups with its default ground (i hope, because it's that i want to do)

Thanks for answer

With custom photo-real aerial imagery land class BGLs compiled via FSX / P3D SDK Resample, if the 8-Bit Gray-scale value used in a Blend Mask image tile makes parts of the image more 'transparent', the underlying photo-real and/or land class (with any applicable local autogen annotations that exist in higher-priority layers) ...are allowed to show through to the top of the terrain scenery display in FS at run time.

This is sometimes referred to as "Transparent Photo-real" using the less well-known land class type #254 which requires a Blend Mask and optional Land/Water Mask.

FYI: I am working on a rough draft of an attempt to re-construct a few posts on this subject by rhumbaflappy which have lost the images (due to links being disabled by 'imageshack' when they changed account access terms :banghead:); I hope to make an "interpretive re-construction" of posts on this topic available here at FS Developer in the future. :pushpin:

In the mean time, some links to a few pertinent topics that, IMHO, merit consideration: :idea:


NOTE: Rhumbaflappy's worked example "Transparent Photoreal.zip" (aka TransAuto.zip or "TransparentAutogen" ) is at:


...via a download folder icon "Transparent Photoreal" at ( Shared > FS Addons > FSX files > Transparent Photoreal )




Hope this helps ! :)

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Thanks Gary, thanks Arno

Arno, Sorry,

I actually, make a test, with a blendmask with "true black", in the tif, and, i confirm, that Arno, said
The AGN from default ground, show it without problems!!!

Thanks a lot, i will read carefully, all your links