Manage the regions

I would like the new tool could manage the regions.
I live in Italy, and the region connected with it is Europe Med West. The landclass textures for this region are too arid and brown. Perhaps in center of Spain (or in Sicily) they may be good, but not in north and central Italy. A possible solution would be to use Europe French for North and Central Italy, Europe Germanic for Alps and Europe Med West for Sicily and Sardinia.
Do you think with the new tool you are designing will it be possible to modify the regions?



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I am not sure - maybe Arno would be able to answer that....


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The definitions of the regions is part of the mesh scenery, so that is certainly something that would be nice for the future. But I think it is more something for phase 2 of the tool, as we first want to concentrate on airport design and object placement.
Jon, Arno,

thanks for your answers. I'll wait the phase two of the project to adjust the regions for Italy.
In the italian forums there are many complains on how is represented Italy in FSX, and i would like to improve in some way the default scenery.


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Hi aliditalia.
It seems Cloud9 discovered the way to modify the file regions.bgl:
Despite this new payware product, I'm very curious to know how it is possible to create or modify the landclass regions, we could realize better sceneries!

The new FSX resample from the SDK allows you to to create region BGLs. You cannot create new region types, but you can alter the typearea covered.


i've searched on SDK and on the forums, and tried expreriments, but no success.
May you give me un example?

My best wishes