Map server

I presently use Google server to get maps as backdraw to improve my Madagascar sceneries (no photoreal, just to draw roads, shorelines, ...), most of them at zoom 14; it works correctly.

However, some areas are not yet covered in Google with detailed maps.
I found on site "satelliteviews" many detailed maps for airfields not available with Google (I think they are from Geoeyes, not sure).

satelliteviews > africa > madagascar > airfields > ... choose placename

Is it possible to get such pics in SBX?
I tried to catch sreens from this site and insert them as backdraw, but they have no coordinate info and I can't calibrate them exactly.

Thanks for help.

Pierrot - FMEP
Thanks for answer.
Presently, a new coverage of Madagascar is available for "blurry" parts.
With the latest dll, problem is fixed and I have a great work to do!!!

Pierrot - FMEP