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FSX Marseille Provence Airport - LFML

Hello there, :)

Here is a project I have been working on full time for the last three months. Firstly I have to thank everybody here involved in tutorials about scenery creation. Here in the FsDeveloper forums (and Wiki), I learned many things, including one of the most important things for a good looking scenery: how to create a high quality airport ground. Thanks a lot guys!

Now, back to the scenery: Marseille is a very important city in France, and its airport is ranked 4th. No payware scenery of it was made for FSX, it was a pity for such a nicely located mediterranean airport.
Many things are still to be done, but everything is coming out quite nicely.
This will be my first payware project.

Now on to the previews (work in progress of course. Many details still to be implemented like shadows under jetways, etc.) ;) :






Best regards,

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Will you be making a version for... FS9, FS2002, FS2000, FS98?

Sorry, thought I'd beat all the lurkers to the punch! :D

Looks pretty darn good!

how do you manage the difference of the altitude between the Airport (approax. 8 m) and the touch down zone of RWY 13L which is on a barrage in the sea (so close to sea level)?

With the default scenery it looks very ugly and far away from the reality as you have there a slope from 8 m to sea level in a very small area.
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The altitude is indeed a problem at Marseille. By default, the Etang de Berre (the "lagoon" where the barrage is located) is way bellow sea level :eek:, while it should be at 0. That's why you have the ugly cliffs there. What I did is that i raised the sea and lowered the airport ( as the entire airport in FSX was put at 74 ft without a slope). But then I had other cliffs in the land side. With a slope flatten at the extremity of the airport I could get rid of these cliffs.
So until now what I did is a compromise to make the scenery look like its real counterpart. I will try to create a true slope flatten on the entire airport, and see if there are some limitations to this technique.

Hope this helps :)
Hi folks,

Here are more previews of the scenery with much more details than in previous screenshots. I also worked extensively on night textures. The ground textures still lack many details like cracks, more dirt, etc.
When the main terminal is done (still many things to be added), the next step will be the cargo area, the Eurocopter zone (with its numerous buildings) and the old "Boussiron" sheds on the other side of the airport.
I try to optimize the scenery as much as possible, and it's working as expected: very little drop in FPS ;)

Now on to the shots:













Cheers ;)
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C'est formidable, Thomas.

I will be flying into Marseille in about 4 weeks time. When are you planning to release a Beta version? I'm happy to try to take some photos while I'm there if you need any more?

Hi Del,

Thanks a lot for your very kind offer about the photos :) but I think that I will be done with the main buildings before 4 weeks time :D . I also did an extensive overview of LFML before starting design, and I could gather many hundred of photos. Progress is going on very nicely, the cargo area is 80% done, and then next week will be the huge Eurocopter complex + the Sécurité Civile buildings turn.
The Beta version release to the beta testers still has no precise date :eek:

Thanks again!

Hi Folks,

Here is an update :)
The Cargo zone is done (TNT, Chronopost, France Handling, etc.), Work has begun on the Eurocopter and Sécutité Civile buildings. I can now say that 75 % of the work is done. Once the Eurocopter buildings are over, I will do the Boussiron shelter and its few annexes. And then the small buildings around the huge Freight shelter (which needs to be corrected).
The ground detail is also 70% done, and only a one day work is left on it.
The jetways will be redone as i'm not too happy with the result.

The low cost MP2 terminal:

Ground detail:

Cargo area in front of stand 81:

The other side:


Handling operator's buildings:

Night ambiance:





Next preview when the Eurocopter zone is done ;)

Nice work, dude...especially the night ambience(i love the chronopost). It may become a must have if you can improve the airbridges.
I'll buy it for sure.

I flew into Marseille several times (well, not me because I was just on board a regional liner) and of course never noticed the sloped runway and neither from outside the airplane.
So why not forget all the hassle about trying to slope the runway and all the rest and make sure there is some decent AI. Otherwise it will be a desolate one and not real life like at all.
It looks fine just as it is and I do not see any cliffs in your screenshots.
Maybe you should focus on some traffic in the area?

Roby (Robert pour les femmes:))
Keep up the good work, Thomas. Nice shots.

As for the slope runway, i think it might be difficult, especially if Thomas want to get full compatibility with third part sceneries like France VFR. Marseille airport is known to have a trickt relief.
Thanks a lot for your comments ! :)
Slope is indeed a problem, especially when dealing with Ai traffic, so I won't do it (it's hardly noticeable on the real airport anyway). The most important thing was to get rid of the cliffs on both sides of the airport. Those were really painfull :banghead:
Marseille is a great airport when it comes to commercial traffic. You get airlines from all over Europe, North Africa, the Indian Ocean, the Near East, and many very interesting cargo carriers (some with Russian-Ukrainian metal ;) ) With a good Ai Traffic add-on, LFML can be really busy.

Hello raam123,

Sorry for the time it took for another update. Well, the good news is that release is not too far away ;)
In order not to flood this topic with too much screens, here is a link to AirDailyX latest news about the scenery: http://airdailyx.blogspot.fr/2013/07/jetstream-designs-marseille-provence.html
As you can see, the entire Eurocopter zone has been done, as well as the landside area with hotels, car parks, etc. The ground textures have been redone, and i have added 3D taxiway lights. The jetways have also been redesigned (not shown on the pics). And still no drop in FPS ;)
Last but not least, much attention has been put on the night atmosphere of the airport.
The next step is to add many ground vehicles to the area.

Best regards,