P3D v4 Massive fps drop with my traffic


I created an simple AI traffic with the last version of AIFP (3210)
I created it only with the default planes and about 14 filghtplans (based on 24h).
The compilation was ok, without error message.

But in P3DV4, I see a massive perfomance drop, from 30fps to 8fps in the same situation.
P3DV4 is a fresh installation, without any other addons.

Another AItraffic on FSX, similar, has no conséquences on the framerate.

Anyblody has an idea about this problem ?

Thank you :)


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Luc, default planes are not ideal AI candidates, since they are all "flyable" aircraft. Nonetheless, 14 flightplans should not have that effect.

You seem to be comparing your traffic file on Pv4 with some other traffic file on FSX. That's not very helpful. Also, you have not mentioned whether or not the AI traffic you programmed actually appears. Have you tried running your file on FSX or the other file on Pv4?

You say a fresh installation with no other add-ons. A traffic file is not generally considered an add-on. How have you configured it? You also refer to "the same situation", but haven't described what the situation is. Have you checked the Scenery\World\scenery folder for other traffic files. That's where the default traffic file resides.

If you have conducted reasonable testing to determine that the traffic file of interest is the sole contributor to the issue, please post the traffic file and I'll see if it has the same effect on my system.

Thank you Don for your answer.

Yes, the aitraffic I programmed appears. I didn't tried running my traffic on FSX, but I made a similar trafic for FSX (with the FSX planes).
Yes, I tell about a fresh installation because I have not other addons installed, with their own traffic or a traffic installed in the Scenery\World\scenery folder (no risk to have a FS9 traffic in my installation)

Yes, it's not a problem to post this bgl, it attached :)

I thank you so much for your help Don



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Luc, that file make no noticeable difference on my system. I have decompiled it and looked at the data. I see nothing amiss.

Since you didn't describe how you configured this file into your system (e.g., Scenery Library, Scenery\world\scenery, addon XML, etc., I suggest you take a look at that aspect. Also, I suggest you try running this file under FSX. (Most of the aircraft exist in FSX.) If you don't have the same problem in FSX, that would suggest the issue lies with Pv4 - perhaps a faulty aircraft.

This file is in my addon foldern not in the Scenery\world\scenery. Maybe it make a difference ?

As you do not have problem with this file, I think it's a problem with my configuration. But I'll try running it Under FSX. You're right :)

I come back to tell you :)

Thank you very much Don
I come back

Effectively, Under FSX, no problem. The framerate is the same with and without traffic (the one of P3D)
Thank you Don :)

Running your file into my P3D4 without trouble, and no issue on the FPS, aircraft parked at LFMD (stock airport here, not addon airport).
I blocked my FPS at 30 as I am also flying multiplayer, and do not want to overload the remote FSD server, and am currently having some 29.9 FPS when parked at a stock airport.
Your traffic did not change my FPS count, even with airline and GA traffic sliders both full right.

Since already FSX at least, traffic files are usually located into the ...Scenery\World\scenery folder, so for P3D4, ...\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4\Scenery\World\scenery.
On my system, I want to keep P3D as clean of addons as possible, and have placed many things into separate folders.
At my side, I placed your traffic file into my F:\P3D_Externes\Scenery\World\scenery
This "external" folder is declared into my scenery.cfg as last but one, just above Default terrain (which is also the place where the stock \Scenery\World\scenery folder is placed).

Possibly check the position into your scenery library of the folder where your traffic file is placed.

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I Stumble upon something that perhaps is unique to my system set up but perhaps could explain the drop on frame rate. So Story Short The Default CRJ700 With the pacifica Texture seems to have a problem because when I loaded that plane with Default P3Dv4 ATC or using Vox ATC I will get a massive Frame Drop while looking at it. as soon as I pan away my frames goes right back up!!! Hope this works for some people here I'm not that smart to figure out why it does it i just know it does!!