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FSX Matching water textures

What is the generally accepted method here for making a small patch of water (photoreal coverage) match up in terms of color with the waterclass textures around it...?

It is important to have some degree of water PR coverage.

Sure I could probably color sample it and get very close to the water color that I am using, but are there seasonal differences? And what about other people that use all manner of texture packages, like REX textures, etc..?

Maybe it is possible to make the water imagery more transparent than the other imagery? Or is there some other trick to this?


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To my knowledge, I don't believe there are any seasons associated with water. As far as its coloring, I usually adjust the hue, saturation and brightness of my PR water until it looks good and balanced. (Sometimes I will recolor it if needed.) I will then use a semi-large soft-tipped brush in Photoshop to make a nice blend (using a blendmask) between the PR and default/3rd party textures. Unless you make many different versions of your PR, you're not going to be able to match the colors exactly. Especially when users own a product such as REX. (Which comes with many water texture variations.)

Sorry, I don't have a good in-sim example picture at the moment..

If you want to reduce the transparency of your water, you can do so with the blendmask. Just use a soft-tipped brush and adjust it's transparency between 30 and 60%. I have attached an example using this method for a small Reef in the Pacific. (Although more complex than what you would need.)


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So you are basically just adjusting the transparency of the blendmask -- there is no way, really, to adjust transparency of the underlying .bmp image, as far as I can gather.
If you wanted some level of transparency in your photo ground, could you not just increase/decrease the scope of your blend mask? At the edges, your mask is completely polarized, I forget, white or black, gray it a bit. What you really want to do is blur the line, you want a larger transition area, like these:

Rick, I get that. You are modifying the blendmask file, using various methods. I guess I just need to learn better techniques and more of them.

That looks damn good by the way.
If you have access to PS, one easy way to get the results you are looking for is creating a water blendmask .TIF file, and using SbuilderX to generate your Photoreal image. What Rick said about a transition area is very important for the watermask blend to work properly. There are some tutorials around that will walk you through the methods.
If you need more help, don't hesitate to ask. As you said, there are several methods to try, that's the fun part.;)