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FS2004 Mauritius International FIMP - FS9 Version

A few shots from the FS9 conversion (finally!)

It won't have the extensive island coastline and terrain enhancement of the FSX version. It will be the airport only plus some landclass tinkering if I get to it.

I don't run FS9 with addons. I just have a base install. Can someone who runs FS9 with lots of AI test this scenery out for me ? Send a PM for details.



Thank you very much for your great effort.
I could check the afcad file but unfortunately I havent any information about that :(
Oooo! Oooo! Oooo! Pick me! Pick me!

I fly FS9 90% of the time. It's overflowing with add-ons including Ultimate Traffic.

Oooo! Oooo! Sending PM immedaitely!!!
Fs2004 fimp

It would have been a plesure for me to test the scenery, but I had some holidays and came back yesterday ...

just a small problem: the sugar cane fields are floating in the air because the airport background is not enlarged (VTPP and LWM2) by Sbuilder

but that can be solved easily
brillant scenery, although cannot find AFCAD files,it only show Air Mauritius,Condor but NO British Airways, Air France or other airlines despite having the traffic files.........
Its released now.

There's a few afcad glitches that I will fix up at some point, but none of them are major showstoppers, just some small incorrect features that got missed in the rush.

The afcad file is the "ADE..." file, use ADE9/X to edit if you want.

All airlines should show up if you have the traffic. I did not isolate gates down to certain airlines.

I did not/cannot test with certain mesh products. I don't run FS9 with addons only a base, vanilla install.
Hey Max,

I think you forgot something in the scenery, at FIMP they have the parking guidance system.

Like in this photo:

you see the big black box? this is the guidance system.

I'll try to see if I can find a front photo.
I tried the AFCAD but still it does not show BA or Air France, the rest seems to appear, when I deactivate this scenery and use defaul its shows normal AIr Traffic such as Air France etc

when I try to edit ADE9/xx and then save the changes it creates a new AF_2Fimp AFCAD, if I override the ADE9/xx it causes the FS2004 default building to blled through the scenery, not sure what I am doing wrong on this.

Appreciate any thoughts

I'm not an ADE9/X expert. You'll have to look into the ADE forum. I'll see what I can do though.

On the parking guidance system. Yeah I tried to make one but gave up. Too hard.

it is easy ...

AF and BA of WOAI uses 747-400s and 777-200s with a model radius greater 40m.

So the ADE....bgl has no fitting parkings available ...

If anybody has an airport map of FIMP I could correct the ADE....bgl?

in between I found an airport map (Mauritius government) and can change the ADE ...bgl.

After testing, I will send it to Max for further distribution...
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I see what you have done now. Thanks. I'll update the ADE.

Also I have to show you the landclass and mesh scenery by Colin Penney which is compatible with mine. Here's a shot showing those beautiful mountains off to the east. Fabulous work. I knew I didn't have to do this in the FS9 version for a reason. Colin has already done a great job.



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