Max Items Warning

If I had one wish it would be to provide a recoverable warning when the maximum number of items is reached. The sudden subscript error always catches me off-guard and I loose some, or all, of my entries.

One other item might be to limit the Mosaic to say 200 to 300 Items, or a user configurable. This is a very useful feature but it always fails on my set of textures. In my case I have 14,264 textures of photoreal from Georender (Alaska). The AutoGen Object Creator is ideal for providing the densly forested areas of Alaska. The vegetation freeform tool works very well to increase the density of trees to the max (see above).

Dick Boley
Dick, I so concur. I've just been too darned busy to get to the error trapping. Bad habit I have of leaving that until the end of programming. I've decided not to release another version until I'm certain I've really polished it.

I understand error trapping being less than glamorous. I used to do the same thing in another life. However, sometimes you can save yourself so many headaches (user complaints) that when you are done you feel it was worthwhile. Still more fun getting the in-line code working!
Dick near 5G8