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Hi all,

Since modelling, texturing and programming progress is quite finished for my Fokker now, I'm having a look at sounds. The thing is: my Fokker has two kinds of doors. The main exit is the latch type, of which I have two (both sides of the cockpit). The other type of 'door' is a slider window, mounted in the main exit. It's not difficult to state that the main exits needs another sound to be played than the slider. Bit of luck, both types are available in the default FSX sound folder.

What are my possibilities to get both sounds working? The sound.cfg has only one pair of entries for exit sound types:S

Any help, guidance or tricks will be appreciated! Maybe I can assign also sounds to switches ;)

Thanks in advance!
I'm assuming you have one folder with all the diferent models, and they all share the same aircraft.cfg, correct? Then I guess the easist solution is two have two sound folders, one for the sliding door and another for the latch door.


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Um, you can only USE one ..\sound folder. Using the default sound system, I'm afraid you are stuck with one set of door sounds; those being the open and close pair.

Any other sounds would of necessity have to come from another source.
The only way you're going to achieve it is through Doug Dawson's gauge.
I've got about 50 sounds listed. The sound.cfg is principally for engine related sounds and a few others like wind, gyros etc.
For the sound.cfg you will need FS Sound Studio otherwise you will not have a hope in hell of getting engine sounds right.
An example: For the VC10 I had to create a sound for the HP compressor and LP compressor. I had to match the pitch of both so that the correct sound was heard. In other words the interplay of both sounds created the famous RR Conway howl. In addition when the engines are throttled up there is the famous Conway roar. See here:
All that has to be modelled and is a nightmare because pretty much everything in the sound.cfg is controlled by throttle position only. Which is not real life.


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Right, another question: does this work with the modeldef.xml? Or do I need to build a separate gauge for it, other than the dsd_fsx_xml_sound.gau?


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Ah, no need, I've got something working! Now my slider window opens with a mouseclick and I can hear the corresponding sound :D