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MSFS Maybe useful and interesting info for you...

A little something for you to read, y'all 😄

My problem was:
Given two engines with two, three-position (off - aux tank - main tank) fuel levers. The animation of the levers worked, the debugger window visibly changed the appropriate values, but wherever I turned the levers, only the main tanks was using fuel, and the engine would not stop even when the fuel levers was turned off.
I looked at the solutions of as many similar airplanes as I could find and they were similar in nature, unfortunately most of them use their own code (I don't see the point of that btw...these are a simple mechanical levers), but where asobo template was used it worked fine - ok, only in two positions: off - main tank, but I would have been satisfied with such a solution in the end. :)
I poked around the forums, googled the net, poked around the SDK for days and weeks, and I just couldn't understand why what works for others doesn't work for me, even though it's the same method bit by bit. I've checked the animations, the object names, the cfg's for them thousands of times, and of course I've spent hours in the developer menu. And nothing.

Then today, totally by accident, I noticed something...
What is marked in the developer menu as 'Num Tanks' - and what I thought was the number of fuel tanks, so I obviously set it to 4 (2 pieces left, and 2 pieces right) - turns out that it doesn't mean the number of tanks, it means the number of fuel switches/selectors!!! Because when I opened the flight_model.cfg (this was also a total coincidence, because logically, what would a fuel data be looking for, when there is engines.cfg and systems.cfg and so on...), I was surprised to see that where I wrote 4 as fuel tank number, it is here in this cfg as 'number_of_tank_selectors'... 😮 omg this is now ... what???
Summa-summarum: I rewrote the number to 2, as I have how many fuel selectors in total, I did a 'Build all', and reload, and bang...the levers came to life! Every tank is using from they need to, and the engines stop when they need to...!!!!
And all this was caused by a single line of a certain number!!! And don't get a nervous breakdown with a fit of laughter! A month and a half...

Nah, that's all I wanted...just to show you how simple the developer life is...
Thanks for reading 😄