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8:46 AM MDLXReader Warning Unsupported RIFF section: (A:A

Any idea what this means.

Converting FS9 project to FSXA native; all materials, animations, visibility conditions, xml conversion completed.
Exports without errors but showing in the sim, I have parts moved around. See attached.
All scales checked good throughout all parts.

Loaded to MCX to see if any clues; found this error.



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I assume all these parts are animated (or children of animated parts). It looks like MCX has broken the animation chain, a common problem. Try importing your FSX conversion back into MCX and Exporting it again (overwrite the old MDL file). That often fixes it.

If not, then you may have to go to an earlier backup and find out when the break occurred (you have been saving backup MDL files throughout this process, right?). Then when the break first occurs, do the Import and then Export again trick, which usually works at that point. If you Merged any parts into your model at any point this is often the time it breaks. I have found the way you prepare the parts to be Merged is critical to avoid this.


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Thanks for the insights Tom.
Animated and children, yes, just completed a lot of animation and visibility tags.
Oh yes, backups, auto every 6 mins, plus manual usually every 15-20 minutes.
I'll give that a try.


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Resolved by going back to a working version and merging in the offending parts.

Thanks for pointing me in the correct direction Tom.
Greatly appreciated. :)