FSX MCX FSX Built-in Light Function displaying at night

I want to add some "collision avoidance" lights on buildings near the runway. I build the model is sketchup, exported it and loaded into MCX and now want to use MCX to place simple lights and a "rotating beacon". Using the built-in effects function I was able to place one white light and one yellow light (using the built-in MCX light function) and the red rotating beacon (using an fx file from the default fsx effects library). The effects all show fine during the day but at night or other time I see nothing. There are no parameters I see on the builtin effects. Is there something I can do to make the effects appear at other than daytime?

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Did you add any conditions to your attachpoints? Else they should show in any time of day.
Thanks Arno...I have stumbled on an explanation. I was testing my scenery in FSX flying the UKMIL Gazelle helicopter so I could hover around the object (and practice aircraft control). I switched to an external view (rather than virtual cockpit) and the effects did appear at night! In fact, they appear from every other view except through the cockpit glass. Something about the texture used for the windshield causes it to filter the rotating beacon effect (but not some others) and only in the day. I tried testing the scenery by flying the default Aircreations "trike" and discovered that if you look out from the virtual cockpit and below the "control bar" you don't see the effects but if you look out above the bar you do. I tried looking at the effects from several other aircraft and see it on all of them both day and night.

So, long story short, it appears the effects, and, of course ADEX, work just fine but there is some interaction in FSX between some transparent textures and some effects. Not a big deal once you know it and, I suspect, there is little that could be done to change it.

Thanks for taking the time to comment and for your great work!