FSX:SE MCX just stopped compiling .bgl's

Arno, after having used MCX successfully on multiple files generated in and exported from GMAX, MCX today stopped compiling .bgl's! I have the import in 3-D on screen and go through the export (for want of a better term) get a brief flash of the yellow notice then when I look in GMAX meshes-nadda. I have changed nothing and am confused. Any suggestion would be appreciated.
Fred Z.
Arno, I want to apologize...I missed your E-mail notice and before I found it, I completely deleted and re-installed MCX and re-set it up. I do not know what had gone wrong but all is OK at this time! :) I truthfully did not even know about the event log...never noticed it before. I will for sure keep it in mind.
Thanks for the quick reply and a great utility. Now back to fumbling along with GMAX. :cool:
Fred Z


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Happy to hear you got it working again. Much more fun to spend time on designing than trying to get tools to work (unless you are me)