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FSX MCX not exporting Animation [SOLVED]

I have made a animation using FSDS and saved it as .fsc file. Then I used MCX to make to read the .fsc file. I could see the animation in animation editor of mcx. Then I converted the fsc file to mdl file for use in fsx. I placed the model using ADE but I cannot see the animation in FSX. Please help.
Animations must conform to specific parameters in order to render within the simulator. FSDS and MCX are able to display sequences that otherwise will not render. Some of the most specific parameters are the tag, which you must match exactly to the condition triggering the animation and the animation length that has the exact number of frames allocated to that tag. If your animation is tagged "ambient," corresponds to a perpetual motion like a waving flag or rotating radar and does not move, it is likely you have to make adjustments in your key frame sequence.
I made a rotating radar but I didn't tagged it as ambient. It was only tagged as part13 or part 14.
I had to animate the radar by 3 parts as fsds was not selecting the parts that I want to select. Can YOU tell me how to selecting more than one part in FSDS?
You can select multiple parts using the selection dialog.
I select the part using select by mouse option and it shows in yellow. But during animation mode, after selecting set key frame the selected part automatically shifts to its original position.
So basically the animation doesn't work that way.

This is the sample model Ferris Wheel with the Parts List dialog open in front. You can see I have selected Back1Support and Back2Support and those selected parts are yellow instead of blue in the main window. I do not animate multiple parts because I do not model in FSDS. I make my models in Sketchup and if FSDS divides my wheel hub and tire into two parts based on materials, I use the Part List to select both parts and then the join function to merge them. I have made walking human animations and ground vehicles that steer using this technique, so I know it works.
I use same process as of yours.
1. I make the models in sketchup.
2. And then convert it into mdl using MCX.
But for animation I had to use FSDS to animate. I will try your way and let You know.
thanks for the pics RK.
Of course. I'm sure you'll get it. You can search my name on Avsim and download my sceneries, many of them have animated objects that I created this way, so you can look at them in MCX to get an idea how I'd done it.
Yahoo it worked. Thanks man finally its working well. Just followed your step and it worked.
Thanks man.