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Question: on a 3ds file conversion with MCX (Export) to be used with GMax,... my building sides (faces) are all trianglur, which makes it hard to place textures. Is there way to handle this within MCX better or would it be within GMax settings etc?


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You can check the MCX Exporter and GMAX Import settings, but many converters change all polygons to triangles - it helps increase the chance of a successful conversion.

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Bill,... when you say "Click on the Object...",.. do you mean the whole Object? I thought I did this before, but I will try again.
An update on the happenings... the faces of my imports still trianglar and still uneditable after converting to "editable poly". Any other ideas?

What should the settings within MCX on exporting should be?

and on Importing to GMax what should be the settings or preferences be?
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It is sort of by design that ModelConverterX exports the object with triangles. If you look in the MDL format it only stores triangles and within the tool I use a similar representation for the object. It might be possible to construct polygons out of them again, but that would also require a change to the exports. I am not even sure if 3DS can store polygons (I guess it should).