MDL to XPlane OBJ file sizeq


I was talking with the author of some FSX library MDL files about converting them to be used in my XPlane 11 scenery.

He did not know why the conversion from MDL to XPLane 11 gives sometimes an OBJ file double the size of the MDL. While others remain similar or a little smaller.

The objects have 1 LOD at 100

I attach an example of both the MDL and OBJ.

Any idea about that?



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MDL files are a binary format, while OBJ files are ASCII. So in general I would expect the OBJ file to be bigger in most cases.

Be aware that if the MDL file uses multiple materials, you will get multiple OBJ files.
Hello Arno,

Oh I see, this explains why the OBJ are bigger in size. Indeed the models I chose have 1 texture only.