FSXA menu shows at start of mission

I'm not sure what you mean by "when I need it to"

If there is a specific time you want it to show up, then a timer trigger starting from when the mission starts is the easiest. So Start at 0 and stop at 30 seconds to a minute or two?

If you are using SimVar, you can assign a key press to begin just about any action using the WHEN command and then the GUID of the action.

The syntax is: SimVar WHEN key press THEN GUID

I typically use the Tab key since there is no other FSX command tied to it, so…


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Many many thanks for spending time to answer my request!

Sorry, I was in a panic after 3 weeks of trying to figure out what I did different to cause the menu to show at mission start. Before I messed it up, the sound files would play, and after they played Then the menu would show.

To try and use the TAB suggestion, I do have to ask. can we program in the key press or do we need the user to do that?