FSX Mesh looking strange


I am trying to do a mesh terrain. I did a greyscale map and converted it with resample exe. The mesh fount it's correct place, but there are two things:

1) I have a terrassing effect (screenshot attached)
2) the elevation hights of the points above the Base Value (especially the higher points) are way higher than I supposed them to. I planned a bit brighter means 1 m higher?

I tried to use the "FractionBits" but it had no effect.

How can I make the mesh finally look smooth?




I had a 8bit TIF. Now I have converted it to 16bit, but it has made it all worse. I played around with FractionBits and Scale. Higher FractionBits made the mesh a Flatten, but when I lowered them I got mile-high peaks. Scale didn't have a real effect either. Very frustrating:confused:
Yes, the Fraction Bit could change something, lowering the compresión too, there is something to limit the max height of the files. In the SDK tell "something". and don't know if could be more tweaking to solve these problems.
I see- My problem is the fact that I started with an 8 Bit picture- transforming the picture to 16 Bit is not possible, and resample can't work with files that are not in a proper 16 Bit format. But now- How can I achieve my image working as a resample input file?
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