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MSFS Mikea.at - Asset Pack

thats crazy :D type it "Mikeaat"

or dont search it trough the input try to scroll to the place where it should be.
Nope. Nothing. I dont know why. Do I need to place it while the SIM is running or so?
just uploaded a new version 0.1.1

new stuff: glider arcus


  • 2020-10-19 22_20_46-Microsoft Flight Simulator -
    2020-10-19 22_20_46-Microsoft Flight Simulator -
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  • 2020-10-19 22_20_25-Microsoft Flight Simulator -
    2020-10-19 22_20_25-Microsoft Flight Simulator -
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  • 2020-10-19 21_18_22-Substance Painter - Glider-Arcus.jpg
    2020-10-19 21_18_22-Substance Painter - Glider-Arcus.jpg
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are you sure that this is the right community folder? because you should find the gaya stuff that you have inside of this folder too.
Is there any other Community folder I should search for? I dont remember if I changed it somehow, to be in this location or not. Because I remember I could see the gaya stuff before.
@hubazsw asset pack update V0.1.2 with cones and a gable marker inside ;)

@Fiideell could you solve the problem allready? if not try to build the project in the inspector. and check if you project has this two parts:

a BGL and a ArtProj.
Maybe it has something to do with that. :)
i would give you the tip to build the pack frequently because if you add much stuff you may get a looong error log and then it is difficult to find the errors and fix them.

and maybe that is a issue why you dont see the other stuff from the community folder. :)
Nice to hear that, but it sounds like some other pack is broken. And also this is not good that it can happen. So it is the best if you add a pack to check if it is working correctly or not and if the others are still working too. :)
sneak peek, next asset. I tried the ec135 but i noticed that it is too hard for me at the moment so i made the best out of it. have to take a look how it will be in the sim. i think it is good enough to keep it in the asset pack :)


  • 2020-10-26 22_01_29-Window.jpg
    2020-10-26 22_01_29-Window.jpg
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i am going to animate the rotor blades that they move a little bit up and down like they would in the wind :D
edit: the good thing build package was possible without a error :D
edit2: ok i tought it would be worse :)


  • 2020-10-26 22_39_03-Microsoft Flight Simulator -
    2020-10-26 22_39_03-Microsoft Flight Simulator -
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  • 2020-10-26 22_38_40-Microsoft Flight Simulator -
    2020-10-26 22_38_40-Microsoft Flight Simulator -
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V0.1.4 mit dem EC135 (der wird dann später noch im LOIH eingebaut)
Edit: XD it is late already, switching the language :D
EC135 will be part of my LOIH scenery.
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