Milano Linate X

Not abandoned, but on hold. It means there's currently no development being done, but the project has been saved and will eventually be picked up again. We'll wait for that.
I don't think that's the same project, eventough it's the same airport. But it's got a different name (Venez Scenery vs. ParthenoSim) and the screenshots from this project look much better than the ones from that scenery. But if this scenery is taking too long I might go for that one. Then at least I got something.
who knows,project has been realesed end of september and beta test was around july so we should get any info about it,i only got this on fspilotshop.So we have to wait what info we will get from Gianni
It seems that golf are done with photoreal ground and only few type of lines are modeled I'm speaking about venez scenery but I'm not sure is the same project with another developer name