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Military Flights - Some do not takeoff

Trying to figure out why although all my other AI flights at KPIA seem to work fine, I have at least one flight that just doesn't seem to work. I am including the screen shots and the bgl file for the airport. Also, I am including the traffic file. I created the traffic file in AIFP version 3.1.14 and made the airport edits in ADE's latest version. The flight plan in question is the last one in the list (18). The others seem to work although I didn't check each one individually. Also, I have other AI civilian and ga flight plans I created, and they work just fine. (You can see one landing in one of the screen shots) Any help would be great. I have read up on everything I could find about AI traffic and am at a loss. Thanks in advance for all the help.


  • KPIA_ADE9_jge.ad4
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Resource contributor
What do you mean it doesn't take off? What does it do? Did you check that flight plan (10) is flying OK? It uses the same plane so it would be useful to know that.
Thanks for looking at this...When I say it doesn't take off, it receives a take off clearance from the tower, taxis onto the runway as in screenshot 24, and then just sit there. I have waited as long as 20 minutes, and it is still just sitting there. Other AI arriving flights are initially told to "go around", but the tower never contacts the plane again, and it never leaves the runway. As to your last question, I have checked flight plan 10, and it departs fine. Not sure why it doesn't even timeout? Thanks again for all your help.
This usually occurs if the aircraft does not pass through a hold-short node before entering the runway.
Thanks for looking at this George, but all my other AI Flight Plans at this airport are working, and using the same taxi and runways. I also included the airport file in this thread. Thanks for all the help in trying to get this mystery solved.
I doubt that this will help, but check to make sure that there is a [Radios] section in each aircraft.cfg. If the section is missing, AI aircraft sometimes do strange things.
If the aircraft is working when used in other flight plans, and other aircraft departing the same airport work ok, check that the destination airport for this flight plan exists and can accept the aircraft. Try rewriting this particular plan for an airport you know works.
Thanks Jay, I did check and it does have a radios section in the aircraft.cfg file. Also, Thanks Tim. I did check that the destination airport exists. It is Whiteman AFB in Missouri and it is a stock airport. Still a mystery and I have check that all the other flights are working as intended and they are. I guess I might have to simply delete this flight from the list permanently. I really appreciate everyone's help. I would love to get this solved.


Resource contributor
What happens when you substitute another aircraft number in the flight plans file?
Jellis, the stock KSZL has no parking whatsoever, which may well be your problem. Your aircraft has nowhere to go! You could download the Matrix program from MAIW which will populate your P3D with quite a few military airfields (worldwide) and the AI to fly from and to them. If that doesn't appeal, you can probably find KSZL to download individually from MAIW, or alternatively you could simply add some parking spots to the stock airfield (using ADE) so your AI has a destination.
Hi Tim, I added both GA and Mil Parking to the stock KSZL airport using ADE. (Various Sizes so that different size aircraft could be accommodated) That's what make the fact the rest of the flights work, but this one particular flight is not functioning properly. And thanks for the suggestion Tom. I will create a different aircraft for that flight and let you know. I tried sending the same flight to a different airport, but forgot to test the airport with a different flight. Thanks everyone for all the help.
Hi Tim, when I changed the destination for the flight the aircraft still didn't take off. Very weird since I have another usage of that same aircraft that works just fine. It seem to be a problem with that version of the AI aircraft, but that doesn't really seem to make sense since I have another of that same plane, just a different registration number, flying just fine. Any ideas? I also created a different aircraft for that flight (whole different aircraft) and the flight flew just fine to KSZL. Very odd problem.


Resource contributor
Sometimes there are unexplainable flights that just don't work. If it works OK with another plane, then the flight plan is OK. If the plane works OK with a different flight plan, then the plane is OK. It's just the combination that doesn't work. Try creating a new (similar but not identical) flight plan from scratch?
Yes, what Tom said. I have to say that having written hundreds of plans, I can’t say I’ve ever seen that happen! That doesn’t mean that it hasn’t happened to me, just that I don’t sit and check every departure and arrival. It would be interesting to see if that aircraft arrived at Whiteman on that flight plan (in other words, it would spawn en route).
Thanks everyone for all your help with this. I changed the aircraft id number and the flight started working. I believe we can close this thread.