Misplaced Autogen?

The pictures below show the Autogen trees placed in the editor. The next shows where they are appearing in FS2004. It seems that the Autogen is being placed at the opposite end (north/south) of the texture. Also, I am not sure if you can orient the textures to always be oriented to the north as they appear in FS2004, but that would help and might be part of the problem I am having.
Regards - Dick Boley
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Hi Dick.

I noted in another forum that you are using Luis Sa's SBuilder.

That program slices and places photoreal textures as VTP, which means the textures are vertically flipped to appear correctly in the sim.

In order to use Art's program, or any autogen program, you'll need to reflip the textures, if using VTP-ready CUSTOM textures.

Ah ha, I now remember something about that. I am using Luis's SBuilder program. The secrets of the trade.

The question then is, how does one "un-flip" the textures? If Art can offer that as an option it would be nice.
Dick Boley
Heck, I have trouble flipping a pancake. I haven't gotten into VTP textures at all so that's uncharted waters for me. I'll bet Martin Wright's got some utility for doing what you're asking so I don't think I'm going to reinvent the wheel here. I'm just now warming up to the idea of looking into what it takes to make the image you edit in my program zoomable and scrollable. Not even sure it's possible with the intrinsic controls VB provides.

Art Martin
Using Martin Wright's DXTBmp program to flip the texture for use in the new Annotator program. I then place the resulting AGN file into the World/texture folder.

Dick Boley