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MSFS Missing textures in MSFS

Hi all

I am just trying to get to know the workflow to get an object from 3dsMax2020 into MSFS.

I have created a simple cube with a concrete texture (512x512). I have used the babylon exporter to export the model. Paths are:
Model ...\HOH\PackageSources\scenery\modelLib\Cube.gltf
Textures ...\HOH\PackageSources\scenery\modelLib\textures\
I also copy the .xml file from the "Samples" folder and create a new guid (guidcreator website).

When building the new package I get the following error:
glTFLister | Model texture not found in the texture directories: 'TESTBOX01_TEXTURE.PNG' - for model: 'C:\Users\Stefan\Desktop\shortcuts\MSFS2020\Projects\HOH\PackageSources\scenery\modelLib\Cube.gltf'

Also, when I run the "Export and run" option in Babylon I get an error "/images/0/uri: Failed to load 'testbox01_texture.png': 404 Not Found"

I have tried following several youtube tutorials, unfortunately they all use Blender.
I have also tried different paths for the texture (texture in "scenery folder for example") but so far no luck.

It is probably something small I am missing (as always).

The cube shows up and I can place it, but it has no textures.

Any help is welcome.

Many thanks

"Textures ...\HOH\PackageSources\scenery\modelLib\textures\"

Looks like the "textures" folder is the problem, should be "texture".
Thanks for the quick reply :)

I have tried what you said, but no luck.

The weird thing is, I get no error warnings and when I check in the package the textures are there together with a png.dds file.
I wonder if it is a simple setting somewhere?

I create a UV map and then put that onto the model using MSFS material. I haven't changed any of the settings since it is a simple texture (.png format 512x512).
Here is what I do, together with the result.

Maybe I am missing a tick somewhere?

Thank you again and kind regards



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A few things I stumbled upon:
- With my setup the images have to be divided by 8 both sides (not 2 or 4 as stated in other forums). So 1824x600 would work, 1820x600 wouldn't. But it would show an error in the console.
- UV map on top of an object does not work for me in some cases. So simple box -> texture.
- And the same texture in 2 different slots does not work for me either. I need to do a copy. It generates a .PNG.DDS file that opens with an error in gimp and does not have a preview
- size does not seem to be an issue. I accidentally put a 80+MB texture on a model. It still worked

In your case I would try the path .....PackageSource\modelLib\Cube\texture
I have to manually enter the texture path. Otherwise Babylon throws an error.

Hope this will help someone out there. :)