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Has anyone run into a 'missing textures' problem?
I've added a few objects to my scenery project that seem to ignore the fact that the textures are there in the proper folder. I completely deleted the GA static aircraft lib. for Runway 12 because of this problem, and now I seem to be running into it again.

These are g-max stairtrucks that I added; I think they may be one of Todd's creations although there was nothing in the file to say so. As you can see the textures are not being placed although they're in the right place.

The next two I KNOW are Todd's as I asked him for permission to use them. All of the textures seem to be there except for the 'signs', while the 'sign' textures on the barrels and crates ARE there!

This is an odd one. I could live without the signs perhaps, but I'd hate to lose the stairtrucks.

Confused Again: Jeff


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Judging by the size of the file and its dimensions, it looks like you have not converted the textures to DXT1 format and they are 24bit which FS does not read.

you could use image tool to load up the texture to see what format there in like stated above.....if its not in dxt-1 format, you can change it and save it with imagetool. also, check if there are mipmaps applied to the textures. it should say when you load the image in imagetool...if not, add mipmaps and that should help

Hi Jeff....yes if you have the textures in the right place then it must be a format issue.

Use ImageTool or DXTBmp to convert them to DXT1 and that should do it.

Thanks Guys:
I took your advice and 'dtx'ed them and that seems to have solved the problem. Is there something that causes a change when you download textures, or is it something that happens when the file is 'zipped'?

Rgds: Jeff
Missing textures - default aircraft also

I have today raised a thread as I have missing cessna 172 textures whilst others seem OK. These are default MS (possibly the fault of MS :) . Had no responses yet however.



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You posted this problem in two places. As it is aircraft related and not scenery related, please keep the discussion in one thread (the one in the aircraft forum). Thanks,
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