Mission - AI Boat moves irratically

Hi everyone,

I am working on a mission where I have included some AI ships. In the mission editor/object placement tool in FSX I added an AI / Boat with waypoints. When I fly the mission the boat appears, moves around but somehow not as I want it to. It doesn't go straight from waypoint to waypoint, but rather in a slalom motion. The speed is also not constant, and the ship accelerates and decelerates.

Does anyone have an Idea what is wrong?

I noted the same with a mission. For KL791, nope, the waypoints were pretty far apart. In my case I found it to be a function of speed. The boat was traveling at 50+ knots down a river (exciting). It seemed to try to make last minute/second corrections to hit the waypoint - then come off the waypoint in a direction not necessarily well aligned with the next waypoint. This cause slalom behavior until the boat eventually hit a riverbank and grounded itself. When I slowed to 20-35 knots the slaloming was less (but…not exciting).

If the waypoints are too close, the KL971 has provided a solution.
If speed doesn't matter, try slowing it down.
Alternatively, if you know how to make a permanent (not part of the mission design) AI Boat BGL file, you might try that.

What did I do? Rather drastic actually. I turned my boat into an airplane. - made a folder under SimObjects\Airplanes and added the boat model, texture and soundai files. (For an FSX default boat you'll need to tweet the texture.cfg file to fix the path to its textures) I "Borrowed" (copied) an amphib airplane's aircraft.cfg and edited it to take out all the lift factors. Then I ran the route "flying" my boat and recording the flight. With a human at the controls, there was no slaloming. In the mission I simply added the boat as an AI "airplane" and had it run the recorded flight. Worked perfect - even got some speeds in excess of 70 knots on the river (very exciting).