FSXA mod terrain cfg

I do a lot of work with FSX_KML.

If I look at the modified terrain.cfg I see a number of items like this...

// Medium road with light poles and telephone poles
AutoObject={46F3D6CB-4270-4373-AEE9-89FB38462EA9} (ag_telephonepole)

This requires some software to embed the above into, I suppose for instance the shapefile defining the path along which this road should appear.
It may be a xml file to submit to BglComp???.

Can someone enlighten me? I know I can string out e.g. telephone poles along a road with Fsx_kml, but the above example seems to combine three items at once.. a road, a light pole, and a telephone pole.
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As to my post about autogen vectors

I can make a road along a KML line in FSX_KML.

What I am looking for is the lines of code I need to "wrap around" one of the upper level 'FANCY" guid's in the modified terrain.cfg.
If someone has a simple example of XML? code that embeds the guid AND the shapefile of the line vector, I can figure out where to go from there.
Drop the file on BglComp and get a BGL file. Hopefully.

Presumably high end apps like SBuilder? do that in the background somewhere, but I prefer not to grope my way around another high end app. My bad.

Someone has done this from basic principles. I know you are out there. Can you show me an example?

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Basically, if you are more familiar with how to work with FSX_KML, rather than learning how to do the vector additions / mods in application vector content config files for ADE or SBuilder, you may wish to implement the methods described for FSX_KML by editing a copy of the "FSX_KML_Tags.xml".

The FSDeveloper wiki on "FSX_KML_Tags.xml" is at:


For further related info, see especially the links regarding "FSX_KML_Tags.xml" in this thread at:


IIUC, once "FSX_KML_Tags.xml" is edited, you can use those new attributes to tag your vector lines right inside the FSX_KML GUI. :idea:

Sorry, I don't have a "worked example" available at the moment, but perhaps a Google search might turn up an example by someone else such as Thorsten Reichert (aka "Horst18519"), Scott Smart (aka "Scott967"), or "Robystar" ...who have used and posted about FSX_KML in some detail previously ? ;)

PS: In FSX SDK, newer CVX format vector content BGLs are now compiled (and placed) via "SHP2VEC" rather than via BGLComp.

Hope this helps ! :)

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..................Eight years later, I did get around to edit my tags for FSX_KML and all went well until....the compiled BGL line itself shows up in TMFViewer but not in FSXA.

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