Mode C Designs Hiring (Positions Filled)


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I love it that this guy is about thhe same age as me, this is his very first post and yet somehow he has a design studio that is "hiring". And the job titles are a brilliant feat, in addition to the Capitalisation Of Every Word. Sorry to be rude here but we get guys like this a lot here and will magically do things that some people here have been working on for years (their skillfulness that is). Or even worse, people come in here expdcting people to flock their hiring offers whilst they sit back and "manage" the project. So forgive me for being rude about this but introduce yourself, who or what is Mode C design, what is their or your story, what are you or they going to do and why are you "hiring"? There is plenty of experienced people among us (and I might not even be one of them) but we do our own things anmd help others whenever we see fit, you are more then welcome to join the community and start developing but don't expect others to do the work for you, please.


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The reply is as typical as the OP. The number of posted job offers appears to be about evenly divided between those that are hiring and those that are simming, but what remains unclear is why someone feels a need to call out the simmers. "Meh, your game's not real enough, you don't even earn enough money to go bankrupt!"


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I love how, each and every time, there's an assumption that there are more avialable developers than projects to be worked on and therefor, the application process mimics that from the real world.

Newsflash: Developers is the scarce commodity in this trade, so companies will have to woo them. Not the other way around! So therefor can the bullshit about secrecy.

1. What project(s) are you working on?
2. What level of complexity are you aiming for?
3. How will you be paying your employees?