Model converter x question and obj attachments

Hello there. I am new to MCX and have been looking thru the MCX wiki for the answers to a couple of questions.

I want to assign an effect to an airport building (Chimney smoke) When I select RANDOM, 2 other fields appear (Threshold and Range) I assume RANGE is miles from source this is visible? Was wondering what THRESHOLD refers to.

Would I be able to use this effect attachment method to attach an audio effect (.wav) if I create an fx_audio.fx file, which will point to a .wav file in FSX/Sound?

Many thanks

Chris Morgan


Resource contributor
Range is not a metric of distance. Range applies to the field of possible values between two numbers. Since an audio file has a distinct beginning and end, I believe you may have to employ a effect controller to invoke it.
Thanks so much for your reply rk. I will investigate how to set up a controller file for the sound. I see you can create an effect with MCX, but when you add it to the object, do you add the Controller.fx or the chimney smoke.fx, or both?

Thanks Chris