Modifying Existing Autogen?

Most of the time when I open an existing BMP, with an associated AGN file, all I see is the BMP - no Autogen outlines. However, once after doing a fresh download, I saw existing Autogen items outlines as they were in the FS Annotator. Now I cannot get back to that place. No existing FS Autogen stuff appears. Was this a fluke or am I missing something? That is -can you edit existing FS Autogen in Annotator style?

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Dick Boley
Near 5G8


i have many "old" tiles with autogen that i made with annotator some weeks ago.
But i had no problems with Art´s Editor editing these
old agn-files.

Greetz -

One of the self-imposed requirements I set in designing this program was the absolute necessity of it being 100% compatible with any pre-existing .agn files created by Annotator or any other tool that followed the .agn file format. Even though I've fallen down in some aspects of testing the bells and whistles the program provides, I spend a huge amount of time trying every combination of autogen definitions and moving back and forth between my program and Annotator to ensure that objects that showed up in one program were in exactly the same place and alignment as they were in Annotator.

That said, it really makes me believe that your problems are unique to your setup in this case. If that weren't true, I'd be receiving multiple error reports just like yours and that simply hasn't been the case. You have me stumped on this one.

Art Martin
As I mentioned, an existing FS2004 generic Autogen'd BMP showed up with the vegatation nicely outlined in green rectangles. This was soon after I did a fresh download. I assumed all was now well so I took no note of the texture number and later could not replicate. Given my filename issue in my other post there may indeed be something odd here. Will do a thorough cleaning and reinstall.
Dick Boley
Is it possible that the bmp your opening in Arts program and the existing agn's are'nt in the same folder?

just a thought.

I am using the standard FS2004 textures at scenery/world/texture. It has all of the AGN and BMP together. The problem seems to be in file naming. The program appears to not pickup the existing FS2004 AGN files.
Darren, I wrote the code to deal with the standard add-on texture names for .bmps that have a 15 digit number preceding them. Guess Dick was working on some of the default files provided in the FS package itself that have an entirely different naming convention. That was something I never created the program for so I never looked at how the files were named in those directories. When I create a new .agn file, I take those 15 characters of the .bmp name and add on "an.agn" to the name so it's no wonder Dick was getting some weird results.

I'm amazed every day at the different uses people are finding for my program that I never even knew existed. By the time the program's done, it'll be flying the airplanes for you. lol

When I modified some of the existing texture BMPs names to 15 chars your program worked ok with them. So, the only issue with existing FS2004 texture/autoagn files is the file name. Looks like anyone that fiddles the 15 char file name may end up in trouble. Locating the associated AGN to a BMP in FS2004 format is easy but what if that format changes with the next release. You may end up needing a specification, by the user, of the file origon (FS2004, FS2006, 15 char, etc.) in order to track down the AGN.
Dick Boley
Well actually converting the names based on the assumption of the 15 characters was just the easy way out. There's really no pressing need for me to do it that way. It was just quick and dirty coding that worked based on what I believed was going to be the only file format I would need to be acting on. It certainly would be easy enough to calculate a different way of coming up with the .agn file name. When I get to it I'll change the coding.

I doubt strongly that MS will change the addon texture image name format since you can derive the lat/long from those 15 digits. Think a lot of thought went into creating that format and doubt they'd dump that idea unless they completely redid the way autogen and textures worked. In that case all of our scenery design stuff starts from scratch.