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Received a report from John (Lupo) in ADE Forum that SDE was adding a legturn but I have not track this as a problem yet. The legturn appears to be related to another legtype anomaly that I found

When debugging that problem I found a small transpose issue with HEX.

I have check my findings with both AnaylzeX and BGLX190 and they are transposing correctly so I feel confident that SDE is the problem if you can confirm on your end.


fixIdent="DR8 M" <<<<<======= should be "WASHY"

fixIdent="DR8 M" <<<<<<======== "WASHY"


fixIdent="DY A8" <<<<<<<========== "should be WHISK"

On further debugging the problem gets more severe then I first thought

Here is just a sample of Waypoints that did not get transposed properly. All the approach code is corrupt. Now I need to go and see if this is applying to the entire World database or only certain APXnnnnnn.bgl's. I don't remember seeing problems with code I wrote for other airports but then I rewote from scratch and was not paying attention.

fixIdent="CQXYM" should be "VAGEY"

fixIdent="DREH " should be "WAYZA"

fixIdent="DQY5F" should be "WAGNR"

fixIdent="H96Y8" should be "ZUREK"

fixIdent="DYUY9" should be "WIDEL"

I finally just had to stop trying to fix and go over and get Winfried's data and use it.
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As I think Jim mentioned I am currently unable to fix the SDE code. I am away from home and do not have the latest source on my laptop. I will sort this out when I get home early January