"more control"...

For us scenery designers, it would be nice if the next FS version had the following:

- access to more variables usable for scenery (I hope source file coding is still possible then..). To avoid mistakes, the vars should be "read-only". some ideas: TYPE OF A/C, WEATHER CONDITIONS -> eg VISIBILITY (to set the runway lights at daytime) .
etc...your ideas please :)

- speaking of Rwys: you should be able to set runway lights via variables. It's ok to have a internal, hardcoded light control for generic rwys, but for custom made ones, overriding it with your own control would be the icing on the cake!!! :p
Also the runway markings, I want an option for European (or whatever) style markings! no more just boring 8 "piano bars"...

- dot lights with visibility control.


well, I think this are peanuts for them MS guys to implement as it is "only" opening that hard-coded structures for some scenery design buffs :wizard:

Kindest regards,